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Veterans of Other Wars in Our Family

On This page I will attempt to list, as I find them, the other veterans in our tree that served in such wars as the War of 1812, the Civil War and more. This list will start off small but it will grow as I dig further into our tree. I have listed the Revolutionary War Veterans on their own separate page.

War of 1812

Moses Drown Jr. - (1785-1836) Enlisted from Eaton, then Strafford Co., NH and served 18 months from January 1813 until discharged in Albany, NH 15 july 1814. He was in Captain Johnathan Starks Company (11th Regiment) commanded by Col Smith. After the war he was Surveyor of Roads in 1828 and there is a record of him being released from Pole tax in 1813. His Widow applied for and recieved a pension for his service in this war. I hold a copy of various records pertaining to his pensions claims and service. His grandfather and Great-grandfather fought in the American Revolutionary War.

Nathan Horton Mason - (1784-1869)Nathan was a private in Longley's Regiment of the Massachusetts Militia in the War of 1812.

Eli Glines - (1763-1858) His name is listed in a listing of pensioners from the war of 1812 but the data does not definitely name this Eli as the one who recieved the pension. While participation in the American Rev. did not preclude participation in war of 1812, there were very few who fought in both due to the 40 year gap between them.

Benjamin Sullivan - (1760-1846) In 1813 he enlisted and served one year under Gen. Hampton on the lines.

Captain Paul Snow ( 1776-1859) in 1814 he was a lieutenant in the Harpswell Local Militia. He served from 10 Sep 1814 until 29 Sep 1814 in Capt. S. Snow's Company, Lieut Col. C. Thomas' Regiment.

Civil War - Union Side

Abraham Roberts - (1841-1921) Fought in the NH 13th Co. A in the Civil War. Was promoted to the rank of Corp during his service. He enlisted in Ossipee, Carroll Co., NH on Aug. 14 1862 and served until his discharge on June 21 1865. He was wounded or taken ill several times and the family to this day retains his gov't issued powder horn.

Diamond Littlefield - (1825-1906) He was Abraham's brother-in-law and was also in the NH 13th Co. A in the Civil War. He served from 8/14/1862 mustered in 9/18/1862 as private discharged 6/8/1865.

Joseph James Jr. - (1818-1898) With the NH 4th Co H in Civil War. Enlisted on 8/23/1861 mustered in 9/18/1861 as a private discharged disabled 1/12/1862 in Hilton Head SC. Would have seen action in Port Royal SC in Nov. wounded at that time probably. He was also a member of GAR in Gorham ME.

Cyrus B. James - (1844-1862) Probably with the NH 11th Co. C in Civil War. Died in Nov 1862 from the true tradgedy of the Civil War - Dysentary. Was the Son of the Above Joseph James. The family may have his civil war equipment and a letter stating why he (or his brother) ran away from home to join the war. There is a possibility that his brother Frank fought as a minor in the same company.

Zary Potter Proud - (1820-1864) Zary (possibly Zachariah) was a private in company A 9th reg Vermont infantry. Taken prisoner on feb 2, 1864, he was a prisoner in Andersonville Prison and died while being transported to Savannah, Georgia in October 1864 before the advance of union troops (Shermans March to the sea).

Alfred Card - (1844-1890) Zary's future son-in-law, Alfred was a private in Company A 2nd Regiment Vermont Infantry. He was discharged disabled on 13 June 1865.

World War I

Michael Gotch - (1898-1933) Michael was a a cook 1st class for troop K of the 5th Cavalry of the US Army.

Stephen Halsicak - (1900-1978) Stephen married Michael's wife after his death. Stephen was a Gunners mate 3rd class US Navy in the war. For those of you familar with the term, he was a "shellback".

World War II

Felix S. Mrozek Sr. - (1917-2000) Felix was a Quarter Master's Mate 2nd class by the end of WWII. He served aboard LST 400 in the European Theater and participated in D-Day and other campaigns in Europe till the war's end over there. If you or a relative served aboard the LST 400, PLEASE email me I would love to know more about his ship.


These are all I have found for the moment (there are some more but due to privacy concerns related to them still living I cannot post them here yet). Keep watching though because I find more every time I search, and I'm still searching *g*

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